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Date: 11/22/22 07:49
Ship Mountain Majesty
Author: MacBeau

 Looking east across the Cadiz Valley, the Ship Mountains rise to an elevation of over 1400 feet above the desert landscape and forced the Southern Pacific to pass between them and the Marble Mountains to the north. Long glass obviously exaggerates them, but even a shorter telephoto still reveals the impressive edifice they present. The first image depicts a westbound 3x0 climbing toward Saltus last month. A little while later a short 6x0 came west making much better time across the Mojave Sub. 
Be of good cheer,

Date: 11/22/22 08:26
Re: Ship Mountain Majesty
Author: train1275

Impressive and fascinating territory.

Date: 11/22/22 08:28
Re: Ship Mountain Majesty
Author: texchief1

Nice shots!

RC Lundgren

Date: 11/22/22 09:25
Re: Ship Mountain Majesty
Author: Ritzville

Excellent shots of trains and the rugged mountains in the background.


Date: 11/22/22 12:44
Re: Ship Mountain Majesty
Author: bobk

Great shots!

Date: 11/22/22 13:13
Re: Ship Mountain Majesty
Author: railstiesballast

Also a fun reminder of history.  Yes this line was orginally a Southern Pacific route, built to block the Atlantic & Pacific at their crossing of the Colorado at Needles.
Wheeling and dealing left this in the hands of the A&P and the SP with routes in AZ, NM, and maybe Mexico.

Date: 11/22/22 14:01
Re: Ship Mountain Majesty
Author: TheNavigator

Very nice pair!

Date: 11/23/22 15:49
Re: Ship Mountain Majesty
Author: ns1000

Great pics!!

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