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Date: 01/24/23 16:35
Author: SD45X

Went to Pueblo today to see where the battery was. Buried in the class tracks :(

Date: 01/24/23 16:43
Re: Joule
Author: irhoghead

I hope there aren't any other SD40-2s around to see this thing. Getting neutered is one thing, but this is to the extreme.

Date: 01/24/23 17:01
Re: Joule
Author: kurtarmbruster

Messy livery.

Date: 01/24/23 18:01
Re: Joule
Author: atsf121

Now that’s different!

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Date: 01/24/23 18:31
Re: Joule
Author: alongthejointline

Is this unit in service for BNSF or is it just being tested by the TTC?

Date: 01/24/23 18:40
Re: Joule
Author: pedrop

I wonder why Progress Rail delivered it with empty road number boxes.

BTW, Progress Rail of Brazil closed ithe Hortolandia SP plant last week. Now they will do all the job in EMD plant.

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Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano MG,

Date: 01/24/23 18:47
Re: Joule
Author: MP555

alongthejointline Wrote:
> Is this unit in service for BNSF or is it just
> being tested by the TTC?

Testing then going to Pacific Harbor Line for use.

Date: 01/24/23 18:52
Re: Joule
Author: SquareWheeledCaboose

Surprised they didn't use the real estate between the trucks for anything - renders of the gen 2 Flxdrive units from Wabtec show at least a fueltank-like structure that's used for something. Feels like a waste of perfectly good space imo. Don't mind the scheme, though would prefer the white on it to be inverted, bright green and black looks good as NS's ECO units have proven.

Like it or not, barring mass adoption of catenary this is the future, folks. Get your shots of diesels while you can.


Date: 01/24/23 19:13
Re: Joule
Author: callum_out

With the batteries now being liquid cooled that might be a reason that the space wasn't used for batter boxes
but you'd think it could have been used for something. Overall the QC, fit and finish don't look anywhere near
as good as did the 3000, guess time will tell.


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