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Date: 03/10/23 21:41
More Trains Galore (Pumpkins)
Author: cchan006

Here's a sequel to the "Trains Galore" thread I posted couple of days ago. That report was getting long, and I hadn't finished with all the trains I saw in 2 days, last Sunday and Monday... hence this thread.

"Pumpkins" refer to the orange paint scheme of BNSF locomotives. I didn't go to BNSF's San Bernardino or Cajon Subs to catch these trains. They came to me while I was loitering at Pepper Ave., east end of UP's (and ex-SP) West Colton Yard.

While waiting for EMD Tier 4 UP 3076 to come down to Pepper, M-BARWCL (Barstow to West Colton manifest, "Barwinkle") showed up. It was led by a slippery pumpkin ES44C4, but the rest of the consist was colorful and non-pumpkin, a faded Warbonnet and 2 KCSs.

UP locomotives showed up, they came and shoved to build a train while M-BARWCL accelerated west toward Cedar.

- M-BARWCL consist coming back to Pepper after setting out the cars in the yard.
- Same set from the other side.
- Video of Sunday's M-BARWCL

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Date: 03/10/23 21:49
Re: More Trains Galore (Pumpkins)
Author: cchan006

Monday's M-BARWCL was all Pumpkins, H2-H3-H3-H2 with an ugly, fouled horn on the H2 leader. Very short train.

- Don't know when this set came in, but it was getting ready for the M-WCLBAR Sunday.
- Close up of BNSF 792.
- Quick video of Monday's M-BARWCL.

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Date: 03/10/23 22:16
Re: More Trains Galore (Pumpkin + Catfish)
Author: cchan006

A southbound on the Mojave Sub went east on the Yuma Sub using the east leg of the wye, Slover to Rancho Sunday afternoon. I reported on a similiar train about 5 months ago, but in the PSR era, trains using the east leg of the wye have become common.

So yawn, I was going to let this train pass... until I saw the pair of DPUs - NS (catfish) and BNSF (pumpkin).

MRVEP (Roseville to El Paso) was led by UP 5633, a C44AC. The trailing SD70ACe (UP 8350) was "surging" and giving engineer trouble going up San Timoteo Canyon. I made a conscious decision to go for "speed" to make this video short, so I took 2 photos while the train was climbing, and I drove ahead to Banning to catch the train running quicker for my video.

- Near El Casco. Conductor is walking to the troublesome UP 8350.
- Catfish + Pumpkin DPUs past Centennial Memorial Bridge near Beaumont.
- Video of fast running MRVEP, west of Banning.

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Date: 03/10/23 22:38
Re: More Trains Galore (Miscellaneous)
Author: cchan006

An OTNLB-4 (Trona to Long Beach) showed up on Sunday, heading west on the Alhambra Sub. I caught the counterpart 4 years ago, pulling the same AJPX covered hoppers north on the Mojave Sub but empties.

Heard on the radio chatter was MEWRV-26 (Englewood Yard, TX to Roseville) on Sunday led by UP 7809. It was doing a "Mira Loma set out" near Mt. Vernon. I was busy chasing trains up and down San Timoteo Canyon so I don't know what cars or where (toward the Ice Deck? in Old Colton Yard?) the set out occurred.

Also heard was a Ft. Worth to Long Beach manifest, and MRVLB - seems some trains continue onto Long Beach after a "West Colton set out?"

- OTNLB-4, no chase, no video, just one shot at Pepper. Not shown, but 1 DPU on the rear.
- Another CN pool power at Mt. Vernon, a west or northbound. Didn't chase it, and no video.

That's it for this report. I'm editing videos right now for the next sequel, Z trains.

Date: 03/11/23 08:38
Re: More Trains Galore (Miscellaneous)
Author: MacBeau

Interesting collection of old paint, soon to be gone paint (KCS), and paint in need of washing. The view from Pepper Ave sure has changed since SP days.

Date: 03/11/23 10:32
Re: More Trains Galore (Miscellaneous)
Author: PasadenaSub

Nice group from around West Colton, Charles.  You have much better luck than I do with the foreign power.  It seems whenever I've gone to San Timoteo Canyon over the past few years I mainly catch nothing but yellow and gray.


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