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Date: 03/14/23 06:49
Snow Train Video
Author: skyview

I am not a video person, and much worse, very much struggle with Adobe Premier editting software.  Still, here is a short video of the UP snow train and rotary passing through Dale, WY.  Not the slowly free spinning rotary blade.

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Date: 03/14/23 06:55
Re: Snow Train Video
Author: WW

A long-time snowfighting trick with rotary snowplows has been to keep the plow blades slowly spinning to avoid them freezing up with accumulated ice and snow.  Obviously, likely not an issue here (yet), but probably just done out of common practice.

Date: 03/14/23 07:57
Re: Snow Train Video
Author: atsf121

Great video!  I love the red trim on the silver plow, sure looks nice.

Date: 03/14/23 09:10
Re: Snow Train Video
Author: jericson

I'm loving all the updates tracking the rotary heading out west... but who is on deck to make sure some solid footage is captured of it being used in anger? Ha!

I'm pretty new to Trainorders and completely impressed with how folks are all pitching in to track this train and keep an eye out for it. Love the community approach here and sharing with each other.

Date: 03/14/23 10:39
Re: Snow Train Video
Author: skyview

Thanks on my end go to a couple of non Trainorders users who gave me some info! As of yesterday, I dont think it had been used, but I could be wrong....

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