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Date: 03/16/23 11:30
Pumpkin pie for Uncle Pete
Author: santafe199

Uncle Pete’s railfan menu musta had pumpkin pie as the dessert special for the day. I bagged not one, but two UP trains with BNSF power in the consist! You’ll have to forgive me; I’m still ingrained with the fact that ‘back in the day’ Santa Fe & Union Pacific power just plain did NOT mix in my Midwestern neck-o-the-woods. That old instinct translates into modern day railroading, but on a much looser basis. UP and BNSF do mix from time to time. Still, as a railfan photographer and die-hard Santa Fe fan I take special notice whenever I see pumpkins & bananas mixing it up in a consist. Bottom line: It puts a little extra pizzazz into an otherwise routine chase! For old times’ sake... :^)

1. & 2. UP 7996 leads an eastbound stacker passing over the “Terrace Rd” crossing at Calhoun Bluffs NE of Topeka, KS. BNSF pumpkin 7618 trails the 3 lead bananas.

3. 15 minutes later I picked up the trail of UP 5682 on a unit grainer at Mac Vicar Rd in SW Topeka, heading down the GSR. Once again, behind the banana pudding is some BNSF 7809 pumpkin pie...
Three photos taken February 27, 2023.

Thanks for the dessert!
Lance Garrels

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