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Date: 03/17/23 08:06
KCSM Train Symbols
Author: rails_etc

Hello everyone! Does anyone have a list of KCSM trains in Mexico? So far I've only been able to find information on trains that cross the border.


Date: 03/17/23 08:07
Re: KCSM Train Symbols
Author: goneon66

now that would be interesting info...........


Date: 03/17/23 18:39
Re: KCSM Train Symbols
Author: rails_etc

Okay, I answered my own question. In the CP-KCS Amended Operating Plan submitted to the STB, starting on page 183, train symbols and frequencies are listed. I will try to post a comprehensive list later; right now I'm having a hard time getting the formatting to work. In the meantime, you can visit https://cp-kcsmergereis.com/documents.htm and view the operating plan, which includes proposed changes to trains as well.


Date: 03/19/23 15:22
Re: KCSM Train Symbols
Author: florida581

KCSM road trains 
(symbol / frequency / origin / destination)

IBNMY 5x Nuevo Laredo KCS - Monterrey
IBZUP 6x Benjamin Mendez - Nuevo Laredo UP
ILZPN 4x Lazaro Cardenas - Pantaco
IMYNS 3x Monterrey - Nuevo Laredo KCS
IPNLZ 4x Pantaco - Lazaro Cardenas 
ISIUP 6x Silao - Nuevo Laredo UP
ISLBN 5x San Luis Potosí - Nuevo Laredo KCS
ISLTL 5x San Luis Potosí - Toluca
ISZBZ daily Sanchez - Benjamin Mendez
ISZSL 2x Sanchez - San Luis Potosí 
ISZTL 5x Sanchez - Toluca 
ITLSL 5x Toluca - San Luis Potosí 

MESLZ 5x Escobedo - Lazaro Cardenas 
MESSZ 6x Escobedo - Sanchez
MLZES 5x Lazaro Cardenas - Escobedo
MMXMY daily Mexico City - Monterrey
MMXUP 6x Mexico City - Nuevo Laredo UP
MMXXA 2x Mexico City - Xalapa
MMTMY daily Matamoros - Monterrey
MMYMT daily Monterrey - Matamoros
MMYMX daily Monterrey - Mexico City 
MMYSZ daily Monterrey - Sanchez
MMYSZ2 daily Monterrey - Sanchez
MMYUP daily Monterrey - Nuevo Laredo UP
MQRUP 6x Queretaro - Nuevo Laredo UP
MSLSZ 6x San Luis Potosí - Sanchez
MSLTM daily San Luis Potosí - Tampico
MSZES 6x Sanchez - Escobedo
MSZMX 6x Sanchez - Mexico City
MSZMY daily Sanchez - Monterrey
MSZMY2 daily Sanchez - Monterrey 
MSZQR 6x Sanchez - Queretaro
MSZSL 6x Sanchez - San Luis Potosí 
MTMSL daily Tampico - San Luis Potosí 
MVCMX 2x Veracruz - Mexico City
MVCOR 2x Veracruz - Oriental

•autorack (all run as needed)
AESNL Escobedo - Nuevo Laredo 
ALZMX Lazaro Cardenas - Mexico City
AMXUP Mexico City - Nuevo Laredo UP
AMYNL Monterrey - Nuevo Laredo
ASLUP San Luis Potosí - Nuevo Laredo UP
ATLBN Toluca - Nuevo Laredo BNSF
ATLUP Toluca - Nuevo Laredo UP
VMTSI Matamoros - Silao 
VNLIH Nuevo Laredo - Chicalote
VNLMY Nuevo Laredo - Monterrey 
VNLBZ Nuevo Laredo - Benjamin Mendez
VNLES Nuevo Laredo - Escobedo 
VNLMX Nuevo Laredo - Mexico City
VNLSI Nuevo Laredo - Silao 
VNLSL Nuevo Laredo - San Luis Potosí 
VNLTL Nuevo Laredo - Toluca 


Date: 03/19/23 15:35
Re: KCSM Train Symbols
Author: goneon66

outstanding Andrew.

thank you very much...........


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