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Date: 09/15/23 17:12
Top Dawg
Author: funnelfan

I don't care for 99% of graffitti, but the chalk monikers drawn by switchmen are cool. This one is one of my favorites.

Ted Curphey
Ontario, OR

Date: 09/15/23 19:59
Re: Top Dawg
Author: Gonut1

That is a cute scawling, perhaps not grafitti?
Very detailed, RR knowledgible?
Not the usual urban "gang" crap.

Date: 09/16/23 13:32
Re: Top Dawg
Author: PHall

So it's okay if it's from "your" gang but not if it's from anybody elses, got it. But it's still vandalism.

Date: 09/16/23 14:18
Re: Top Dawg
Author: dan

what about batman?

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