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Date: 09/18/23 07:09
Nebraska trip leftovers
Author: santafe199

Back in August I had an opportunity to chase some Red & Silver pointing a train rolling through the heart of Union Pacific’s transcontinental mainline in Nebraska. Here’s a link: ( Red & Silver invades Uncle Pete's turf! (trainorders.com) ). I had a few interesting, albeit leftover images that didn’t make the cut in that thread. So here’s a bit of a follow-up...

1. Here’s the same 6786 seen in that vivid sunrise shot from the K-148 highway crossing back at Hanover. This is Steele City, NE in that magic period when it’s no longer night time, but it’s not yet daytime either.

2. Later in the day I was set up to get the classic train (UP 2646) by-the-yard office-shot in Kearney, NE. This is a preliminary shot to the one I ended up posting. I was disappointed by the cloud-bombing, but we all just have to put up with it. In this shot I did manage to get some downtown Kearney architecture into the background. I’m guessing that red brick building back there has got to be 100 or more years old...

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Date: 09/18/23 07:11
Re: Nebraska trip leftovers
Author: santafe199

3. Here’s one of those “roll-the-window-down” grab shots taken while on the N Oak St crossing. I had a feeling I could catch a BNSF train going over the top, but parking in this area is now out of the question. So I...

4. ...swung around to the N Pine St cross........ oops, about 10 seconds too late. I found an out of the way place to park and wait. But I just barely got the window down for this one. I didn’t get the lead unit, but that trailing unit is BNSF 9049.

5. I did manage to get UP 8814 seen in images #3 & #4. A bit cluttered, but there it is...
Photos 3-5 taken in Grand Island, NE.
5 photos taken August 14, 2023.

Thanks for following up!
Lance Garrels

Date: 09/18/23 08:15
Re: Nebraska trip leftovers
Author: texchief1

Nice, Lance!  



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