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Date: 09/30/23 02:30
Livin' the dream?
Author: santafe199

Meet Mr Dylan Miller. He’s a nice young man with the United States Army currently stationed at nearby Ft Riley, KS. He’s also a railfan. He spends a great deal of his free time volunteering at the Abilene & Smoky Valley. And It has been my pleasure to document his time with the Smoky Valley>>v

1. 2. & 3. Young A&SV volunteer Dylan Miller in various postures while at the throttle of A&SV 3415. The engine has been cut away from the excursion train in the routine run-around move. Movement is stopped on the Factory St/KS hwy 43 crossing while the flagman lines the 3415 back into the run-around track.

Date: 09/30/23 02:31
Re: Livin' the dream?
Author: santafe199

Living the Dream? You decide...

4. Dylan is directly visible to any northbound motorist stopped at the crossing. How many men have sat in that 100+ year old seat? I do believe they’re all smiling...
4 photos taken July 29, 2023 in Enterprise, KS.

Thanks for looking!
Lance Garrels

Date: 09/30/23 04:15
Re: Livin' the dream?
Author: cozephyr

Nicely documented, Lance.  Great to see someone taking an interest in this former Santa Fe Pacific locomotive.

Date: 09/30/23 18:42
Re: Livin' the dream?
Author: ChrisCampi

Nice post Lance. 

Date: 09/30/23 19:12
Re: Livin' the dream?
Author: gbmott

Nicely done Lance.

Date: 09/30/23 23:03
Re: Livin' the dream?
Author: ATSFSuperChief

Great to see a US Service person take up the steam hobby in full scale. Had some during the first Persian Gulf War that came out of the US Navy and they were excellent hands in the 120,000 HP engine room.

Don, still waiting for snow.

Date: 10/01/23 06:23
Re: Livin' the dream?
Author: santafe199

Thanks guys! Another right place ~ right time sequence. I first became aware of this young man a year ago. He was a brand-new volunteer, helping out with the 3415. I shot him "oiling around" at the stop in Enterprise. Classic stuff... :^)


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