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Date: 10/01/23 14:19
DMVW Operations?
Author: Oliver_6936

I'm interested in making a trip up to ND later this month and hopefully seeing some of the draper tapers. Is there any consistency to what runs and when or is it similar to the KYLE where stuff runs when it needs to? I've read in some other threads that calling the office was a viable option for figuring out where stuff was but those were from 2012-13 so I also wanted to ask if they were still friendly with people calling in for train info.
Thanks in advance.

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Date: 10/04/23 06:13
Re: DMVW Operations?
Author: JayK

When I was on the DMWV two years ago they ran a local from Bismark to Max Mon and Wed with the return on Tues and Thurs. Departures from both ends were early AM

Lignite trains ran from Falkirk to Bismark and then east via BNSF to a power plant at Silverwood?

The staff in the office in Bismark were very helpful. Particularly since we brought them donuts from Bearscat.

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Date: 10/04/23 10:50
Re: DMVW Operations?
Author: Oliver_6936

Thanks for the info about the local and office staff. Do you know if the coal trains are on any kind of cycle or more just whenever the plant needs to top off again?

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