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Date: 10/01/23 18:05
WB Builder late again today
Author: redberan4449

Passed Granite Road south of Sandpoint, ID about 2:55pm today.  14 hours late.  Looked like a BNSF lead and two blue-painted diesels right behind.  OP error resulted in no useable photo.
Great ad for Amtrak timeliness.

Date: 10/01/23 19:48
Re: WB Builder late again today
Author: Gonut1

On the other coast my daughter-in-law and friend were going to travel on Amtrak from Philadelphia to New York City today for a Stevie Nicks concert. They arrived at the Amtrak station and the intended train was running 90 minutes late ON AMTRAK'S OWN RAILROAD! No frieght railroad to dump on, heck, they can't even get their own trains on their own tracks to run anywhere near on time. No nasty weather events or other events just Amtrak FAILING. The daughter-in-law and friend returned to their car and drove to NYC. An anti-rail vote! DOH! When I saw my son today, a man of few words and a Union Pacific employee commented, they (Amtrak) don't give a shit.That's pretty much a wrap, today. 
When my sister was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year I looked into visiting her in Phoenix AZ. I don't and never will fly, my option was Amtrak. However, I couldn't break through the crap on Amtrak's website to schedule the travel.My sister passed before I could get there. Website, total crap, rail travel, a thing of the past?
I used to promote Amtrak and rail travel. I no longer do. It is totally unreliable anywhere. Any commuter agency in this country runs a better rail service than Amtrak. SO SAD! 
I so loved the streamliners of my youth that so totally financially failed due to Eisenhower's Interstates and the subsidized, to this day, airlines. A travestity.
So a late WB Builder, NO SURPRISE. Just don't expect to book reliable Amtrak service, ANYWHERE. It just doesn't exist.

Date: 10/02/23 13:51
Re: WB Builder late again today
Author: callum_out

Uh umm, supposedly there was one of those blue things thru Tehachapi, someone please advise to
what the heck they are? Like to see one, blue is a favorite color. 


Date: 10/03/23 06:06
Re: WB Builder late again today
Author: rrofmt

callum_out Wrote:
I rode the Empire Builder last Wednesday - it was on time both directions Whitefish/Spokane

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