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Western Railroad Discussion > JB Hunt sagging & draping?

Date: 10/02/23 06:10
JB Hunt sagging & draping?
Author: santafe199

A few days ago Mr ‘MacBeau’ posted his cool shot of a long, uniform BNSF train loaded solidly with JB Hunt containers ( Solid Hunt (trainorders.com) ). It just so happened that I had these 2 images already thru Photoshop and in my ‘ready-to-post’ folder. Interesting scene. All at 70 per, by the way...

1. BNSF 7250 is eastbound, approaching my stakeout with a seemingly endless string of JB Hunt containers.

2. The away shot shows what was sagging is now draping over the landscape. Modern day monstacker...
2 photos taken near Ridgeton, KS on June 26, 2023.

Thanks for looking!
Lance Garrels

Date: 10/02/23 08:23
Re: JB Hunt sagging & draping?
Author: MacBeau

Nice images Lance.

Date: 10/02/23 08:27
Re: JB Hunt sagging & draping?
Author: Gonut1

Around these parts the mainlines built in the very early 1800s  are so flattened out by cuts and fills that the only sagging and draping is where Conrail or CSX undercut the ROW a couple decases ago to provide double stack clearance under existing bridges! However some of the later 1800s lines resemble what you show here, roller coaster-like profiles through heavy glass.

Date: 10/02/23 23:02
Re: JB Hunt sagging & draping?
Author: ATSFSuperChief

The combination of ATSF and JBHunt seems to have morphed well in BNSF and JBHunt. Keep them thriving, expanding and rolling.

Don Allender, waiting for snow.

Date: 10/03/23 08:46
Re: JB Hunt sagging & draping?
Author: leon

J.J. HILL would not have been at all happy to see this section of track and would have ordered it to be regraded I am sure. 

Date: 10/03/23 12:09
Re: JB Hunt sagging & draping?
Author: santafe199

leon Wrote: > ... J.J. HILL ... would have ordered it to be regraded ... I am sure ... 

In both shots you are looking through 140mm of telephoto glass. This compression ALWAYS changes the look of the track profile being photographed. This train is running on 70 MPH track. JJ Hill would NOT have been financially irresponsible enough to dump that much company $$$$$$$$ (money) into senseless vanity projects, such as "leveling" sections of track that were already good for 70 MPH, just like that above. I am sure...


Date: 10/05/23 09:10
Re: JB Hunt sagging & draping?
Author: leon

I guess we will disagree Lance as Mr. Hill always wanted level track with
the least curvature according to his writing. 

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