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Date: 02/23/24 07:18
Recent El Centro Hauler (SoCal)
Author: cchan006

I documented the entire El Centro Hauler (MWCEC) in 2021:


Recent version of the El Centro Hauler also had 4 engines, but 3x1 with a rear DPU this time. This ran on a Sunday.

I overheard San Bernardino-based Dispatcher 250 playfully tell a train to get out of the way, because it was in the way of the "El Centro" trying to get out east from West Colton Yard. So I headed west toward San Timoteo Canyon to intercept it.

The train that was in the way was an autorack train out of Mira Loma, taking the Los Angeles Sub, then BNSF's San Bernardino Sub, then onto the Yuma Sub via Mt. Vernon. I saw it on my way west, but I skipped it so I can intercept the El Centro Hauler.

As before, the El Centro Hauler seemed to be a heavy train, crawling up Beaumont Hill. So I drove ahead and returned to the same location as 2021, near the Amtrak Palm Spring Depot so I can document the entire train with elevation and decent lighting within a reasonable time. No 1203 tank cars (gasoline) this time, and most of the tank cars were 1075 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG).

That's it for the report.

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Date: 02/23/24 08:53
Re: Recent El Centro Hauler (SoCal)
Author: texchief1

Thanks for the coverage.  Nice video!


Date: 03/01/24 10:36
Re: Recent El Centro Hauler (SoCal)
Author: pbouzide

Nice report.

How often do they clear the main for the mighty "El Centro"?

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