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Date: 02/25/24 20:21
Logan Hill
Author: RiverLineProductions

Two BNSF loaded coal trains race side-by-side in Notch 8 as they ascend Logan Hill in the Powder River Basin last May

Date: 02/25/24 20:43
Re: Logan Hill
Author: jrpoland

Great shot! 

Joel Poland
Columbus, NE

Date: 02/25/24 21:01
Re: Logan Hill
Author: dt8089

This has always been a cool spot to shoot from.  Nice shot btw.  Dan

Date: 02/25/24 22:13
Re: Logan Hill
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE!!


Date: 02/26/24 13:04
Re: Logan Hill
Author: SD70M

I had an enjoyable day there last summer

Posted from Android

Date: 02/26/24 13:47
Re: Logan Hill
Author: goneon66

and you caught 2 aces leading.  nice...........


Date: 02/26/24 18:49
Re: Logan Hill
Author: bobk

Nice shot!

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