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Date: 02/25/24 21:41
AltAir/World Energy and UP
Author: Keith_Kevet

AltAir/World Energy is the ex-Delk US, exx-Alon USA oil refinery in Paramount, CA. At one time it's primary function was to make asphalt for a road paving and construction projects. UP, for a short time, ran unit trains of asphalt from the refinery north to Stockton.

Now the refinery is in the final stages of a complete conversion to biofuels production, a process that began in 2013 (see the web page energyparamount.net for more details).

As I understand it the facility currently has room, safely, for about 50 tank cars but there are plans to add additional trackage to spot about 20-25 additional cars per day. Tank cars of what you ask? Animal fats (tallow), soybean oil not ment for human consumption, grease from food processing, and probably other "items" I'm not aware of. "Items" that can be used in the production of biofuels.

In 2024 UP expects to move more biofuels but it's not clear what that really means: biodiesel? Aviation biofuels? Ethanol?? All the above?

AltAir/World Energy has a contract to provide Aviation biofuel to an airline but that's expected to be shipped via an existing pipeline in LA County.


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