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Date: 02/28/24 21:05
Trackmobile at GATX (SoCal)
Author: cchan006

Sometimes, locomotive noises from the GATX facility next to West Colton Yard is a pleasant distraction when I'm waiting for action on UP's Yuma Sub. In 2015, I documented GMTX 721, an EMD NW2 switcher doing work there:


For those curious, "GATX" evolved from the name General American Tank Car Corp. --> General American Transportation Corp. --> GATX Rail Corporation.

GATX has had the "low emissions" MP14B switcher, GMTX 7000 for several years already. Usually, I see that working on weekdays. Sometimes, I see a Trackmobile parked, but I hadn't had a chance to record video of it working until recently.

In the video, I record the green GMTX 7000 running "light engines" and that was last July (2023), first clip. Second clip has the Trackmobile pulling a string of cars out of the workshop area, recorded this month. I couldn't spot the GMTX 7000 recently, so I wonder if it's being serviced?

That's it for the quick report.

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Date: 02/28/24 22:56
Re: Trackmobile at GATX (SoCal)
Author: GP25

Did you get a close look at that green switcher unit?

Jerry Martin
Los Angeles, CA
Central Coast Railroad Festival

Date: 02/29/24 07:06
Re: Trackmobile at GATX (SoCal)
Author: longliveSP

Thanks for posting. I have been inside the plant a couple of times in the 90's and it is always interesting to see what you find lurking inside.

Date: 02/29/24 07:47
Re: Trackmobile at GATX (SoCal)
Author: cchan006

GP25 Wrote:
> Did you get a close look at that green switcher
> unit?

Couldn't find it during my recent trip to SoCal this month. In the link above from 2015, I posted a shot of it parked and broken.

More recent closer look from oyw (2023) and erielackawanna (2020):


Date: 03/01/24 08:56
Re: Trackmobile at GATX (SoCal)
Author: PHall

I've never actually seen the green unit run. I usually see it parked out of the way with tarps over the radiator openings and miscellanous stuff on the walkways.

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