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Date: 06/18/24 13:18
CNW Proviso Yard Hump Assignments
Author: PeterAmling

Hello all,
I am doing some research for my upcoming model railroad which will include a shrunken down version of Proviso yard set in 1993.

I understand they had 66 tracks coming off the hump. Does anyone have information on which destinations or blocks were assigned to those 66 tracks?

As well does anyone have any general guidance toward prototypical operations of the yard in general?

I’m looking at building yard 5, yard 9, and one more yard (2 or 4?)


Date: 06/18/24 18:56
Re: CNW Proviso Yard Hump Assignments
Author: JasonCNW

Yard 9 was the receving yard for trains off the east/west main and from the old Wisconsin Division.

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Date: 06/18/24 18:57
Re: CNW Proviso Yard Hump Assignments
Author: Gonut1

Wow! Good luck with that.
It is from an extremely reliable source that any hump yard, that their bowl tracks and the tracks content's destinations may be changed daily or even hourly by whatever computer program was in use at the time. Also scheduled or emergency track, switch, or retarder maintenance could throw in a monkey wrench any minute of any day. Even crew calls affect the track content's destinations.
If someone on T.O. can give you better direction they should go for it!
Personally I think trying to emulate real railroad operation is hopeless and would only keep me awake all night with no success.
Did I mention, Good Luck?

Date: 06/18/24 19:58
Re: CNW Proviso Yard Hump Assignments
Author: PeterAmling

That’s actually a huge relief. It’s much easier to assign the tracks as I want them in the moment and for that to be prototypical is even better. Thanks!

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