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Western Railroad Discussion > snow plowing ?

Date: 01/14/04 18:53
snow plowing ?
Author: chabang

I would like to know who is all involved in snow plowing a line after a major snowstorm. Who all rides up in the plow or jordan spreader? what are there jobs and responsibilitys? IS there a full train crew on a plow run?

What conditions warrent the snow plow to be brought out?
Just curuious.

Date: 01/15/04 01:50
Re: snow plowing ?
Author: timkilbride

Where I work one of the section guys or the track inspector will ride in the russel snonw plow. Basically takes alot of snow and wind to bring the plow out if the line isn't a very active one. If you want the tracks patroled you will have to knock the snow off. The local section has already got stuck once this year and had to have the local COOP pull them back to a crossing w/ their payloader.

Tim K.

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