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Date: 05/25/04 17:10
Photo Contest Entry
Author: lundtk

This photo was taken on 10-2-1995 at Albina Yard in Portland, OR. Yes, I did have permission to be there. The E units and the 3985 were leaving Portland the next day.

The film is 120 size Tri-X (TXP320), the exposure was 4 minutes at f11. If only I had a chain saw to remove the pole that was casting a shadow on the 951. The E units left before the tow truck arrived.

Kristopher Johnson

Date: 05/25/04 17:28
Re: Photo Contest Entry
Author: papio

Now, that is one very nice shot!

Date: 05/27/04 13:07
Re: Photo Contest Entry
Author: acltrainman

Excellent night shot.

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