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Date: 05/30/04 23:41
Night Shots-with snow
Author: Raylewis

Well since I have a few night shots loaded onto the computer I figured that I would throw them onto the website for this little contest. Both were shot in Truckee this last winter, the red winter sky added a nice little touch. Raylewis

Date: 05/30/04 23:43
Re: Night Shots-with snow
Author: Raylewis

The spreader as it pulls into Truckee after a day up on top. This was like a 50 second exposure. By the way, Korea hasnt changed much.....still too much SOJU.

Date: 05/30/04 23:46
Last night shot
Author: Raylewis

I know I had posted a few these when I got back from this trip back in December. Raylewis

Date: 05/31/04 09:23
Re: Last night shot
Author: cozephyr

You have a winnner there in my humble opinion. GREAT view with snow, trees and men clearing a switch in locomotive headlights. You've got my vote.

How was Korea? Has it been a year already. Welcome home. What's your MOS?

Date: 05/31/04 13:13
Re: Last night shot
Author: Raylewis

No, Im still in Korea. I just got here on May 16th. Not much has changed here since my last time here...too much drinking and busy at work. I am an aircraft electrician- not limited to one airframe as I have 4 different(A10, F16, C5, and C17s). And thank you for the compliment. Raylewis

Date: 05/31/04 17:35
Re: Last night shot
Author: mirage


Your shot of the crew working ahead of the train is awesome. From the snow encrusted buildings to the penguin shapes of the bundled-up work crew. It feels cold just looking at the picture and, today, that's a good thing.

Thanks for posting that photo.

Mark Johnson

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