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Date: 06/27/04 12:34
Galesburg RR Days?
Author: bnsfsd70

So....is there anything exciting at Galesburg RR Days this year, and BNSF business cars or anything? Thanks a lot, Jeff

Date: 06/27/04 14:09
Re: Galesburg RR Days?
Author: rrnut_99

I haven't heard any reports yet. Most local railfans in my area passed on going this year, including me. First time many of us have not gone since RR days started.


Date: 06/27/04 14:25
Re: Galesburg RR Days?
Author: Q-GP30

No BNSF involvement at all except for the school buses taking tours of the yards. No business cars, no Signal Maintainers union tent with displays. NO NOTHING!

The only thing railroad to do with it is the train show at Carl Sandburg College. Burlington John and myself went Saturday and the only redeemimg thing on the BNSF was seeing the GM90 in the engine terminal. At least they had signs on both sides of the overhead bridge warning traffic of people on the bridge.

A far cry from the days of equipment displays.

Did get some nice deals at the train show though.


Date: 06/27/04 15:24
Re: Galesburg RR Days? (it was GM 92)
Author: burlingtonjohn

Being able to hit the Burlington Route Historical Society's Company Store and purchasing a couple of t-shirts (like I need more) from the Galesburg Railroad Museum folks made the trip worthwhile.

Shame on BNSF for not participating in this, the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the railroad in Galesburg. I hope some of the sharks and bean counters in Forth Worth are happy.

Regards & everywhere west,

Burlington John

Date: 06/27/04 19:03
Re: Galesburg RR Days? (it was GM 92)
Author: 4400horsepower

Yup, about the most exciting thing I photoed was the GM 92 that came in Saturday on the M AMSGAL train.

Did get three red and silvers on a westbound Z on the transcon Sat. evening about 7pm....right into the sun!! :)

Train show at CSC was very good I thought, gets bigger every year...downtown was very disappointing. My girfriend and I did go downtown Saturday night, walked through the carnival and rides and enjoyed a funnel cake and a Pepsi under starry skies...

I hope anyone on here did have a good time that did go to Galesburg, I did but I'm only 50 miles from Galesburg so I go every year and probably will keep doing so until there isn't anything at all.

Burlington, Ia.

Date: 06/27/04 19:09
Re: Galesburg RR Days? (it was GM 92)
Author: SOO6617

Was it GM92 that you saw at Galesburg or GM72? GM92 is the prototype SD89MAC, while GM72
is one of 4 test units for the SD70ACe. Both would have similar carbodies, it might be hard to tell them apart, however the last photo I saw of GM92 show only a simple solid color body and minimal lettering on the loco, while GM72 has the full current GM Demo scheme in Blue and White.

Date: 06/27/04 19:44
Re: Galesburg RR Days?
Author: ibrbn

Far as I was concerned, there were only two things that saved this year's Galesburg "RailRoad" Days....

MR261 and the excursion train came through Friday afternoon, was turned and then left for the Quad Cities as part of the Grand Excursion Celebration. Always fun to have steam in town for RailRoad Days even though for this year at least, it was purely coincidental. Still.... there were a lot of fans and admirers along the tracks, at the depot, and lined up on the Barstow Sub getting pictures on a superb day and MR261 did not disappoint anyone, putting on a fine show for all.

And also..... the Model Train Show, which is always great out at Sandburg College.

Date: 06/27/04 20:14
Soo 6617
Author: burlingtonjohn

Definitely was GM 92 ... white carbody, minimal lettering.

Burlington John

Date: 06/27/04 22:36
Re: GM92
Author: NscaleMike

Here is a pic of GM 92, courtesy Mark Baxter who attended RR days at Galesburg this year...

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