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Western Railroad Discussion > Swift Roadrailers schedule change...???

Date: 06/27/04 16:29
Swift Roadrailers schedule change...???
Author: SuperC

Saw the Z BCAPTL at 9:30 this MORNING heading up the Feather River Canyon.
Has the schedule changed or is it now running when crews are available???


Date: 06/27/04 20:08
Re: Swift Roadrailers schedule change...???
Author: bnsftim

The westbound went by Bill's house at 12:30 Sunday Morning. Idon't know what is going on with this dang train.

Date: 06/27/04 20:19
Re: SuperC
Author: chickendelight

Really enjoyed your PV article in CTC Board...if you don't mind my asking, what camera(s)/lenses were used to create those fine photos, and what are ya using these days?? Just wondering is all... Thank you!

Date: 06/27/04 21:06
Re: Swift Roadrailers schedule change...???
Author: ffrailey

I suspect it has something to do with UP's roaming meltdown, which landed most recently in the Roseville area, after infecting and then leaving the PNW, Houston, LA Basin, Sunset Route, in that approximate order. It has been taking acts of God for BNSF to get its I-5 trains over the UP trackage rights.


Date: 06/27/04 21:57
Re: Acts of God
Author: SuperC

I hope it stays this way...Sunday is my only day off!! :)

Date: 06/28/04 02:54
Re: attn ------ SuperC
Author: chickendelight

did you try sending an e-mail?? if so I did not get it. Please send to upla50condr@yahoo.com, that is if you prefer not posting here...but I would really appreciate your response to the above question. Thank you!!

Date: 06/28/04 15:13
Re: attn ------ SuperC
Author: MojaveBill

Eastbound came through Mojave last (Sunday) evening around 17000 - 1800.

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