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Date: 10/22/04 13:51
AOE through Dunsmuir
Author: photobob

The AOE just past through Dunsmuir a few minutes ago heading north. The 1:49pm Railcam photo shows the head end.

Date: 10/22/04 14:12
Re: AOE through Dunsmuir
Author: TCnR

Checked the D-Cam, no image for that time. Maybe the AOE train doesn't want to be seen, that's twice that it didn't show.. the image did not register.

Got it now (refreshed), looks just like a late Amtrak.

And now it doesn't show on latest or back images, must have been an dream Morris. Was there really tall pretty girls hanging out the windows? Might have been the Circus train dream again.

Date: 10/22/04 14:16
Re: AOE through Dunsmuir
Author: cajon

It did for me.


Date: 10/22/04 15:29
Dunsmuir Traffic
Author: odub

Looks like there has been quite a string of southbound trains through today. Isn't this more than normal? At least when I'm down that way in the morning, there usually aren't this many. Any reason for this?

Don Hall
Yreka, CA

Date: 10/22/04 15:47
Re: Dunsmuir Traffic
Author: TCnR

odub Wrote:
> reason for this?
If there was an AOE, the Dispatcher may have held traffic and the trains bunched up. The D-cam doesn't show any NBs and looks like they held a couple of SBs. Maybe the rest of the NB fleet is still heading up the canyon.
Another recent trend is to switch the NBs in the yard or tie them down for crews.
Fridays and weekends also change the 'Intermodal' priorities as they have an extra two days to get the trailers and containers unloaded ("on-pad" time?). Or, maybe something broke.

Date: 10/22/04 18:20
Re: Dunsmuir Traffic
Author: samreeves

No doubt they will all dissapear when I visit Bob next week.

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