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Date: 07/09/05 22:57
FRRS Dunsmuir Train
Author: zephyrus

Just got word that the FRRS special train currently at Dunsmuir RR Days will be returning Monday and Tuesday.


Date: 07/10/05 23:31
Re: FRRS Dunsmuir Train
Author: RyanWilkerson

It was great having the Portola crew in Dunsmuir showing off some of the good stuff! I really enjoyed seeing SP 2873 (Kodachrome GP9) on the Dunsmuir turntable spinning around. Since you have access to the crew, could you confirm that this train will be taking UPY 2004 (not-so-green goat and the only tracable unit on this train) back to Roseville Monday morning? My guess is that they will be staying the night in Roseville and heading up to Portola on Tuesday at some point. Could you share any updates?
-Ryan Wilkerson

Date: 07/10/05 23:33
Re: FRRS Dunsmuir Train
Author: zephyrus


As far as I know, yes, they will be taking the Yello Green Goat back to Roseville. And their route back should be the same, including the layover in Roseville.

Glad you liked seeing the stuff in Dunsmuir. I heard our crew worked hard but really enjoyed themselves. RR Days had good crowds this year I'm told, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the equipment.


Date: 07/11/05 09:46
Re: FRRS Dunsmuir Train
Author: TCnR

Watched them switching the Museum train last night then they tied it down. SP caboose went to the north end, Obs would be backward, WP unit leading, then Kodachrome, then the Hybrid.
Thought the exhibit worked out just fine, lots of kids and older kids climbing all over the equipment in a controlled arena, good publicity for the train folks, nice small town event.

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