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Date: 03/25/06 14:52
765 ALIVE!!!!
Author: ohiotom

The 765 RAN today, completing a trial/beakin/shakedown trip from Ft Wayne to Van Wert Ohio and back on the CF&E. All went well.


Date: 03/25/06 15:19
Re: 765 ALIVE!!!!
Author: nycman

Glad to hear that this fine locomotive has had her break-in run following what amounted to a total rebuild. Sure hope she gets to run an excursion or two this year. The folks who put in so much time and effort to overhaul her deserve to see her run on the main again.

Date: 03/25/06 16:22
Re: 765 ALIVE!!!!
Author: 4-12-2

This is super news. Thanks for posting!

Date: 03/25/06 16:26
Re: 765 ALIVE!!!!
Author: bnsfsd70

Great news. I saw it when it came to Chicago for the NRHS convention, and LOVED seeing it doublehead with the 567. Jeff

Date: 03/25/06 19:52
Re: 765 ALIVE!!!!
Author: tucker

I hope all went well and it's great to see another locomotive return to her rightful place.

Is all of RailAmerica this steam friendly?

Date: 03/26/06 09:48
Re: 765 ALIVE!!!!
Author: ctjacks

> Is all of RailAmerica this steam friendly?

Do you mean for light engine moves like this or for public trips?

RailAmerica is good about allowing light moves like this, but public trips are questionable. On RA-owned lines they will probably require a $25M liability insurance policy, and on the lines they lease from CSX (such as this one) CSX has imposed a $500M liability insurance requirement.


Date: 03/26/06 11:00
Re: 765 ALIVE!!!!
Author: tkxet

I wish I was up home there to the old girl run!! The last time I saw her she was in pices and looked pretty rough!! I'm glad RailAmerica took the time to let her run and gain some good Public Relations for their efforts!

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