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Date: 10/12/08 16:56
"appaloosa" movie train
Author: djansson

Just saw the movie (give it ***1/2) and it had a very authentic 1880's-era standard gauge train in it, plus some GREAT scenery. The engine was a petite cabbage-stack 2-6-0, two passenger cars and a boxcar all labeled "Union Southern". The movie tales place in New Mexico in the early 1880's and I gave the props department a %96+ for accuracy and authenticity.

Anybody know where this was filmed at?

Date: 10/12/08 20:32
Re: "appaloosa" movie train
Author: atsf5701

According to the website http://us.imdb.com/

The filmining locations were:

Austin, Texas, USA
New Mexico, USA
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Date: 10/12/08 22:03
Re: "appaloosa" movie train
Author: px320

The train used the same locomotive and some of the cars I used in There Will Be Blood and 3:10 to Yuma. It was filmed on the Santa Fe Southern close to Lamy, NM

Attached is a photo on No.2 taken about 90 days before we started shooting There Will Be Blood.

We rebuilt the wooden cab and a new pilot for 3:10 to Yuma

Date: 10/13/08 17:42
Re: "appaloosa" movie train
Author: scottp

"Union Southern" Railroad in the 1880s? Would that be "The Route of the Carpetbagger"?

Date: 10/15/08 17:31
Re: "appaloosa" movie train
Author: Soot4Life

I was engrossed in the movie but I recall thinking the passenger cars were converted flats. Yes? No?

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