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Date: 12/22/09 22:51
#2 Gets a New Boiler
Author: Digger

Most recently known as "The Chiggen", the locomotive originally known as Santa Cruz Portland Cement Company #2 is undergoing extensive restoration by current owner & CMO Stathi Pappas. Boiler work is well underway with cooperation of Chelatchie Locomotive Company in Woodland, Washington.

The Chiggen is a 45 ton 0-4-0t, and was built by HK Porter in 1909 for the Santa Cruz Portland Cement Company in Davenport, CA. It served at this facility until 1924 when it was sold to Bechtel Kaiser Rock Company located in Oroville, CA. The locomotive was in service until the late 1950s when it was retired and stored. It was later bought by Ray Pollard for use as a billboard at the Pollardville Amusement Center and Chicken Kitchen along Highway 99 between Stockton & Lodi. The locomotive remained at Pollardville from 1967 until 2006 when it was purchased by Stathi Pappas.

On December 10th, I had an opportunity to visit with Stathi and see first hand the progress made on the Chiggen thus far.

Photo #1 Chiggen's boiler resting on the erecting table

Photo #2 Stathi is removing the upper half of the doorsheet using a carbon arc to burn it out

Photo #3 Sparks are a sign of what is to come

Date: 12/22/09 22:54
Re: #2 Gets a New Boiler
Author: Digger

Photo #4 Firebox door view of the work

Photo #5 Bucket-o-bolts: Stay-bolts ready for installation

Photo #6 New fire pan & damper

Date: 12/22/09 22:58
Re: #2 Gets a New Boiler
Author: Digger

Photo #7 General shop view. Drivers are not the Chiggens, but belong to shop owner Joan Reed-Nickerson's locomotive known as the "Little Boy Pig" or also the "Sweet Sixteen."

Photo #8 Turret valves pre-fit for assembly

Photo #9 New front tube sheet

Date: 12/22/09 23:08
Re: #2 Gets a New Boiler
Author: Digger

Photo #10 Stathi is removing the doorsheet that will be replaced with new material

Photo #11 Always something to do

Photo #12 Author was given a chance to have a little fun with the big toys

My thanks to Stathi & Chelatchie Locomotive Company for their warm hospitality (in such a VERY cold place). Keep up the good work!

Chris Donhost

Date: 12/23/09 07:09
Re: #2 Gets a New Boiler
Author: 4-12-2

Great to see this work under way and thanks for your efforts and for posting.

John Bush

Date: 12/23/09 08:49
Re: #2 Gets a New Boiler
Author: wprrsteam

I appreciate your sharing progress photos, and Stathi's dedication. I always felt sorry for this locomotive when I would speed past it on Hwy. 99. Back in the day I took some dimensions off of the cab so that I could replicate one for it's sister locomotive, the #1 that another fellow and I (very) briefly owned before we donated it to the Western Railway Museum. They sold it to someone after I left, and I never found out who got it and where it went. Info would be appreciated. The #2 should be in fine shape when it is outshopped. Congratulations to all involved.

Date: 12/23/09 09:51
Re: #2 Gets a New Boiler
Author: GCRY_4960

Things have really moved along since i was last down there. Glad things are going good!

Date: 12/23/09 13:02
Re: #2 Gets a New Boiler
Author: PorterNo2

The boiler work is really coming along nicely! Good job Stathi! Great posting Chris! Thanks!

Date: 12/24/09 21:13
Re: #2 Gets a New Boiler
Author: mikel

Keep up the restoration pictures !! Love seeing the progress and how it's done !!


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