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Date: 11/26/12 11:14
At Tobyhanna
Author: m1bprr

Sunday November 25th. A Steamtown train destin for Gouldsboro station get reconfigured for the return trip to Steamtown at Tobyhanna where there is a passing track, mean while a Delaware Lackawanna train (SPG-3) rumbles through. Alco's & Steam! Too cool!
Ed K.

Date: 11/26/12 11:16
Re: At Tobyhanna
Author: m1bprr

Ed K.

Date: 11/26/12 11:18
Re: At Tobyhanna
Author: m1bprr

Ed K. cp Laurel Run

Date: 11/26/12 13:48
Re: At Tobyhanna
Author: milkcow

Are the 3254 and 514 trying to kiss or is that a long lens on your camera?


Date: 11/26/12 14:31
Re: At Tobyhanna
Author: aottinger

Ahhh, fun times at MP 108!


Date: 11/26/12 14:47
Re: At Tobyhanna
Author: nycman

Boy, you captured it all there, Ed. Quite a selection of equipment in one place. Thanks for sharing.

Date: 11/27/12 07:34
Re: At Tobyhanna
Author: YG

Wow! Wish I could have been there....

Steve Mitchell

Date: 11/27/12 12:22
Re: At Tobyhanna
Author: wingomann

That's pretty cool. The EMD is the museum engine and the ALCO's are the revenue generating mainline engines.

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