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Date: 12/14/12 10:28
SPMW966 roundhouse "goat"
Author: TonyJ

Following my previous post show 0-6-0T SPMW966 being used to help replace the turntable at SP's Bayshore (San Francisco) Roundhouse, I found another photo in Bob Foley's albums. SP Engineer Bob Kennedy stands next to 966's rear driver at Bayshore Roundhouse on 4/21/1937. Behind the 966 is 0-6-0 SP1212. The shop goat was rebuilt to Bayshore Shops switcher from El Paso & Southwestern 0-6-0 #1010 in April 1937.

In 1961 I happen to be visiting a friend at Bayshore Tower whem the 966 and two other dead steamers were pulled past the tower onto the e/b main. They next headed to South San Francisco and a date with the scrapper. They were the last three engines left on the Bayshore deadline. Over the decades hundreds of other SP steam engines sat at Bayshore waiting to be cut up.

Tony J.

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Date: 12/14/12 10:46
Re: SPMW966 roundhouse "goat"
Author: LoggerHogger

Quite the engine, quite the photo. Thanks Tony.


Date: 12/14/12 13:42
Re: SPMW966 roundhouse "goat"
Author: YG

THAT one sure would attract some attention if it was still with alive and kicking...

Steve Mitchell

Date: 12/14/12 16:21
Re: SPMW966 roundhouse "goat"
Author: ddg

An engine like that probably never saw speeds over 10 or 15 mph, Were counter balanced wheels really even needed?

Date: 12/14/12 16:39
Re: SPMW966 roundhouse "goat"
Author: TomCarter

Wow, and no headlight.

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