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Date: 01/04/17 07:40
#3254 NRHS Special
Author: YG

The NRHS held their 2010 convention in Scranton, PA. Here, 3254 leads the return from Delaware Water Gap to Scranton on 6/24/10.

Steve Mitchell

Date: 01/04/17 11:26
Re: #3254 NRHS Special
Author: Bridge60

That's near Lehigh Summit, as we were slowing for a bridge that had been hit and knocked off alignment about an hour earlier by a truck carrying an oversized load.  Being on the organizing committee was an experience I'll never forget, one I wouldn't have missed for all the world and one you couldn't pay me enough to do again!  Working with the national NRHS was, well, an experience in of itself. 

We had a great bunch of people, the right guys and gals in the right places.  When snafus arouse (such as the bridge hit, or a minor derailment on a different trip) everyone stepped up and did what they were supposed to do.  It was a privelidge to work with them.  We did stuff you'll never see again and things people said we'd never get done in the first place! 

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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