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Date: 01/06/17 21:40
A builder three way at Portland
Author: burlingtonjohn

This past September 16th, I was in Portland for the reunion of the crew of the American Freedom Train. Activities were centered around the Oregon Rail Heritage Center, home of the 4449 (and several other locomotives). On the 16th, AFT reunion attendees as well as members of the ORHC and the Friends of 4449 were treated to a special trip behind 4449 from the engine house to Oaks Park and return. For many of the AFT veterans, this was the first ride behind 4449 in 40 years. Quite the special moment.

As the train was being made up, I snapped this photo from an elevated platform. Lima built 4449, Alco built NKP 324 (Doyle's motor) and Amtrak's Coast Starlight with GE 163 on the point. Not bad ...

Burlington John

Date: 01/06/17 23:06
Re: A builder three way at Portland
Author: weather

Great shot  as usual John.  It was a great event, and I was proud and honored to be there with you and other AFT ers!

Date: 01/07/17 09:24
Re: A builder three way at Portland
Author: asheldrake

the AFT Portland reunion was a great event and one that was in my opinion the highlight of the ORHC year....a great group of people to welcome to Portland.   this excellent photo is one of the many reasons that us volunteers love the site.......this photo captures one of our favorite moments, the 4449 under steam and the Coast Starlight getting a hearty wave and a return toot, only thing missing from this "ORHC exhibit" is the Portland Streetcar overhead.  I really appreciate, as do our visitors, the friendly engine crews......Amtrak, UP, Oregon Pacific and Portland & Western.  

​we continue to increase the number of visitors through the gate...for 2016 our gate count = 38,196...up from 2015 = 35,764.  our first full year of being open:  2013 = 18,990.   most of us would not have dreamed that we would have this great facility that can safely welcome young and old, firm and unfirm, able and non-able......all our volunteers enjoy showing off our prizes.     Arlen    

Date: 01/07/17 09:51
Re: A builder three way at Portland
Author: Jsporseen

Arlen is completely right in everything he says.  It's too bad the streetcar is missing but that would an almost impossible coincidence.  He is also right that we are proud of the facility and, at my age, I'm just hopeful that I'll be around to see the future improvements that will be made.

One other thing, I'm helping try6ing to recruit new volunteers so, if you live in the area and haven't been involved with the ORHF/ORHC, please CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING.

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