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Steam & Excursion > UP 3985 7-30-1992 E.B. Elko, and Spruce, Nev. Last Few Videos!

Date: 03/16/17 03:29
UP 3985 7-30-1992 E.B. Elko, and Spruce, Nev. Last Few Videos!
Author: RailRat

  • Video #1 is shot looking south-east from I-80, chasing 3985 Eastbound, heading out East of Elko,Nev., during morning departure, while the air temps were still a bit brisk, making a little "salt & pepper" smoke.
  • Video #2 is a Misc. Westbound UP freight caught at Spruce Siding, while pausing during the Eastbound chase of 3985, while I was still heading for camera position up west slope of Pequop Range, between Wells, and Silver Zone,Nev....3985 was still somewhere near Wells?, to the west.
  • Video #3 is a Long (Speggetti Western Movie) shot of Eastbound 3985, pulling into Spruce Siding for some reason? Looking west towards Wells/Elko,Nev. with Humbolt Mountain Range in background...My Narration is wrong!, it's 10:15 AM, not PM!
  • These Videos are just before 3985 Eastbound Pequop Climb! I posted awhile ago, and Eastbound Ola Curve shots I posted a few days ago, will Post new (UP 844/3985 1991 North Nevada) and (UP 3985 1993 Idaho) plus misc (UP 6936 Idaho) videos, as soon as my (Now other, sick, VHS Capture PC) is working again!

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

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