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Date: 04/18/17 18:27
UP 844 Railfest 2011
Author: JMT-844-97

I was watching a few old videos of 844 back in 2011 and came across a video of her going to railfest. I can't post the link but it is easy to find by searching up 844 rail fest 2011 in youtube. It is pretty obvious that she is wearing a different whistle going out to Nebraska, not her original whistle or the one that she wears now. I heard that it was a Challenger whistle, can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance.

Date: 04/18/17 19:20
Re: UP 844 Railfest 2011
Author: upheritage6

It definitely sounds like a Hancock 3 chime. Maybe it was plugged up? Sounds a little like 3985s whistle. It does sound a bit different.

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Date: 04/18/17 19:45
Re: UP 844 Railfest 2011
Author: JMT-844-97

That is what I thought, I thought maybe that it sounded different because it was on No. 844 and not No. 3985.

Date: 04/18/17 20:48
Re: UP 844 Railfest 2011
Author: up3985

That's because it was the 3985s whistle. They ran it east that day, then while on display there in North Platte they changed it again to the "Big Boy Whistle" she carries to this day. (I got a tool car tour from an employee who no longer works there, and he gave me the inside scoop)

Technically they're both off 4000s because 3985s whistle came off 4004 in Cheyenne.

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Date: 04/20/17 10:08
Re: UP 844 Railfest 2011
Author: JMT-844-97

Thanks for the input.

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