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Steam & Excursion > Shay locomotives and derailments?

Date: 11/28/18 12:55
Shay locomotives and derailments?
Author: Kimball

Just wondering, 2 of the 3 common types of geared steam locos had the driveline running down the centerline, but Shays ran down one side only.  So, my question is, when a Shay was pulling hard, with all that torque going through the driveline, did it inhibit the trucks from following the curves in the track?    It seems to me that maybe the square telescoping sections might be "bound up" and not want to extend or retract very easily for the curves, inhibiting the free pivoting of the trucks.

Date: 11/28/18 14:42
Re: Shay locomotives and derailments?
Author: Inthehole

Yes, they would bind up under a large load. Engineers would sometimes "pump" the throttle to relieve the stress and let the driveline gain some slack to let it move. 

Date: 11/28/18 18:27
Re: Shay locomotives and derailments?
Author: PHall

Doesn't seem to have affected sales of Shays. Shays out sold the combined total of Heislers and Climaxes.

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