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Date: 12/05/18 15:10
What is it?
Author: lilwes

I was scanning some negatives this afternoon and came across this addition to a smoke stack on a UP 2-8-2. So, what is it?
Thanks in advance, Wes

Wes Chiles
Topeka, KS

Date: 12/05/18 15:29
Re: What is it?
Author: UPRR3985

    Many others here are more eligible to comment on this but it looks like it would roll from engineer side to fireman side to direct the smoke straight back. Just my observation.

Date: 12/05/18 15:52
Re: What is it?
Author: LoggerHogger

It is a smoke deflector.


Date: 12/05/18 15:54
Re: What is it?
Author: wcamp1472

An early version of a  ‘clam shell-like’ exhaust stream deflector , directing the stream backwards over the boiler .
Two halves raise up to redirect the exhausts blasts away from tunnel roofs and bottoms of overhead bridges.


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Date: 12/06/18 05:26
Re: What is it?
Author: GMUP

A primary need for this style exhaust deflector was to direct the exhaust smoke aft, preventing it from building up around the front of the locomotive when transiting a tunnel, thereby greatly reducing the fouling of air all around the locomotive, reducing the amount of cab smoke, as well as improving forward visibility for the crew. This style deflector was similar to the segmented design used on all UP ALCO locomotives built in 1941 and later.

Date: 12/06/18 14:49
Re: What is it?
Author: 2720

The Elusive "Left Handed Smoke Converter"!


Date: 12/06/18 15:01
Re: What is it?
Author: wcamp1472

Must have been well loved by the crews....


Apllied equally to oil and coal burners, alike?

OMG ...


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