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Date: 01/03/19 17:27
"The Bronx Bomber"
Author: scoopdejour

Photographer:  Harold Webber
Publisher:  Hank Webber
Date:  November 1981

Date: 01/03/19 19:16
Re: "The Bronx Bomber"
Author: roustabout

Looks like a brute of a 'dinky.' Thanks for posting that.

Date: 01/03/19 19:36
Re: "The Bronx Bomber"
Author: Tominde

I was almost expecting Thomas.  But I guess Thomas would be the Brooklyn Bomber.   Neat little story.  Thanks for sharing.

Date: 01/03/19 22:12
Re: "The Bronx Bomber"
Author: pullmanboss

Ralph Hallock photographed CNJ 840 at Dunellen, NJ in 1942. Cute little rascal. I just finished cataloging and scanning Ralph's collection for the Colorado RR Museum Library. The images (>1000) are on line at coloradorailroadmuseum.org/library . Follow the View Online Collections link on that page. If you do a keyword search for "840" you'll find this image plus front and rear views of the engine.

Tom M.

Date: 01/04/19 12:42
Re: "The Bronx Bomber"
Author: Gonut1

She is as cute as a bug's ear!

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