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Date: 01/05/19 12:29
Roger Plummer again
Author: tomstp

Roger must have taken hundreds of pictures of the railroads serving Texarkana.  Here are two shots of T&P 4-8-2 #906 both in Texarkana and leaving it.  First photo is very interesting .  Can't tell if it was a foggy morning or just what would be causing all the moisture surrounding  the engine.(note the moisture on the tender)  But, I sure like the picture of it in the station.

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Date: 01/05/19 14:29
Re: Roger Plummer again
Author: elueck

Big engine, short train!

Date: 01/05/19 16:01
Re: Roger Plummer again
Author: gbmott

elueck Wrote:
> Big engine, short train!

TRain is probably longer than you think as in the photo it is coming around a curve and you can’t really tell if there is anything beyond the fourth car.


Date: 01/05/19 16:32
Re: Roger Plummer again
Author: Frisco1522

Nice clean engine.  Almost looks like its been washed.  Could also be humidity.  When we were in Houston with 1522, I raised the shade on the drawing room window and thought it was raining because of all the water running down it.   Was so humid it took your breath away.

Date: 01/06/19 00:05
Re: Roger Plummer again
Author: krm152

That T&P 4-8-2 has an awesome appearance.  Everything about its appearance suggests power yet it has clean lines.
Thanks for posting these photos of my favorite steam locomotive class.

Date: 01/06/19 06:07
Re: Roger Plummer again
Author: UP951West

Thanks for sharing these great T&P photos by R.S. PLummer, who , in my opinion was the dean of Texas RR photographers. --Kelly

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