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Date: 01/09/19 16:22
Author: LJGross

This morning I was sitting in my home office working as usual when I was surprised by a steam whistle. This is nothing unusual because the D&S runs close by our home, but there was no train scheduled today. A quick sprint to the living room window revealed that the railroad had opted to run a flanger extra. While the snow down here in the valley didn't seem to warrant it, I imagine things got deeper once they got past Rockwood.

In any event, work was abandoned for the next hour or so, as can be seen here as the extra tiptoes along above Shalona Lake just below Rockwood.


Date: 01/09/19 16:36
Re: Flanger!
Author: cozephyr

 Awesome catch-!  Well worth your time away from the office.

Date: 01/09/19 16:49
Re: Flanger!
Author: SJDL


Date: 01/09/19 17:32
Re: Flanger!
Author: stevelv

Very nice Larry.  Nice that they chose steam over diesel for today's MOW job.

Date: 01/09/19 17:54
Re: Flanger!
Author: goduckies


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Date: 01/09/19 18:55
Re: Flanger!
Author: Milepost_130

Very nice!  Thanks.

Date: 01/10/19 05:11
Re: Flanger!
Author: robj

Nice catch, great location.


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Date: 01/10/19 09:41
Re: Flanger!
Author: Jason-Rose

Very nice.

Jason Rose
Spring, TX
Rio Grande Explorations

Date: 01/10/19 20:02
Re: Flanger!
Author: jbwest

You guys who live in Durango have all the luck.


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