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Date: 02/08/19 16:07
Sunday Morning Hosing Down
Author: stevelv

Reminded me of the song Sunday Morning Coming Down written by Kris Kristofferson and turned into a number one hit by the late great Johnny Cash.  Taken at Chama, NM Sunday morning July 12, 2015.
Steve B.

Date: 02/09/19 05:05
Re: Sunday Morning Hosing Down
Author: wcamp1472

As you can see, the cab has been hosed down, too.
I loved the smell of a cleanly washed, hot cab on early summer mornings.  

It cooled-off the cab, and was part of the ritual of getting ready for the day’s operstions.
After the wash-down, we’d wipe and dry all the seats, clean the glass on the gauges, the windows inside and out, 
The tender’s cab-surfaces tended to ‘collect stuff’ —- most of which was trash of one sort or another.
 It got thrown into the firebox with a gratifying flourish.

We’d clear out everybody from the cab, and wash it down, top to bottom. It cooled the place down.  
When then cleaned and polished, it became the place to re-populate again —- and continue the day’s friendly chatter.

Welcoming new visitors to the cab was fun to watch their fascination and awestruck reactions to such solid, sturdy and HOT surfaces,  Everyone of the visitors seemed to ( unconsciously) revert to their 8- year old inner-child: struck with fascination and amazement. Their reactions were gender-neutral, universally happy and deep amazement.  Awe is the operative state of mind.

Opening the fire doors always produced true startled reactions in the first time visitors , and added flashes of appreciative smiles and comments of folks trying to relate to the inrenisity of the calm inferno of broad, glowing firebed, and the searing heat hitting their faces.

Demonstrating the whistle, the bell, the gauges,  and the stoker in operation —- was the highlight of producing the Magic Show in the cab.  They left the cab, their lives changed forever.   Some though were were ensnared in the web of fascination of steam locos and, thus, began a journey into a whole ‘nother World and life.   The volunteer turned into the fascinated worker and devoted individual, curious craftsman —- committed to steam operation and preservation.

I experienced such a transformation one Friday night, before the B&O Iron Horse Days, in the cab of the RDG 2100, Riverside Yard, Baltimore, Maryland.  summer of 1964.  Thank You , Bill Howes. We were welcomed by a couple of B&O workers in the cab.  They admonished us to explore the warm cab and not be scared—- “you’re no going to break anything in this cab” was their reassuring welcome message.

 I was bit, bad!!  I’ve had the journey of a lifetime —- that I wouldn’t trade for anything, or any amount of money.
If astounding, once-in-a-lifetime experiences were money, I’d be a billionaire, richer than Bezos.  
I’ve experienced things, places, sights and people that no one can ever duplicate, or go back to.
The rails and track of many places I’ve thundered over are long gone, replaced by highways, malls and bike trails.
I was supported, trained, employed by and encouraged by the best folks and mentors in the World.

Mostly though, one man made my astounding life possible —- I am forever indebted to him for encouraging, supporting and allowing me to live this incredible: Railfan’s Dream!

Thanks for bringing back the sights and smells of the morning hose-downs... and the contemplative respites, friendships and shared fascination of the live, breathing Iron Horse.

Wes Camp

( “Real horses” also truly enjoy the morning hose-downs, the fresh drink and the attention, too🐎🐴).

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