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Date: 02/09/19 07:38
SSW #819 in "End of the Line" (1987)
Author: bodkin6071

Sure, MP GP38-2 #2377 was the real star, but cannot forget the other "star"... SSW #819's cameo as the "Southland" #819 in a couple of flashback scenes at the beginning and end of the movie.

Filmed in Pine Bluff in the summer of 1986.

Date: 02/09/19 09:24
Re: SSW #819 in "End of the Line" (1987)
Author: wcamp1472

In the late 1970s, when I was The Rock’s Master Mechanic, assigned to Little Rock, ARK, we had two wonderful brothers in the Car Dept.. Jack Russell, and Ocee Russell.

Ocee’s son ( Jay?) wanted to make a Hollywood movie.  
Sure enough, he found a way.  He was mentored by movie star, Mary Steenburgen.
The result was “The End of the Line”*.. ... thinly disguised as the doomed Rock Island RR.

Somewhere in the picture above, is Jack ( tall) and Ocee Russell, ( always smiling).  My wonderful friends.
While assigned at Little Rock and at Silvis,  I met such wonderful people on the Rock...
including, among so many others, Steve Lee.


Wes Camp

( *WOW, I found Jay Russell, movie producer director, on Wikipedia —- he’s gone on to a wonderful career.. It’s a small world..).

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Date: 02/09/19 09:42
Re: SSW #819 in "End of the Line" (1987)
Author: MaryMcPherson

It's a fun film.

You just have to ignore the obvious operational inconsistencies and roll with it.  Then again, when ISN'T that the case with trains in film?

Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

Date: 02/09/19 20:58
Re: SSW #819 in "End of the Line" (1987)
Author: DRGW5502

You know if we borrow one of them GP38s they don’t need anymore and go talk to that Mr. Warren Gerber up in Chicago, maybe we can talk him into lettin us run that old 819 again.

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