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Date: 05/14/19 14:09
My 4014 Experience - Thank you UP
Author: cjvrr

Well, my sons and I are back from chasing the Big Boy from Cheyenne to Ogden.   We had an absolutely amazing time.   Seeing that locomotive run was an incredible sight.   To have the 844 double heading was an added bonus.   But most of all it gave me a chance to spend some "Father / Son" time with two of my three sons.   The third was stuck in college for final exams.    We got to enjoy trains in an area of the country my sons had never been before.   In addition to chasing the steam trip we were able to chase freights on the Pocatello Sub, near the north end of Salt Lake, two trains near Soldier Summit, saw an Amtrak and empty coal train at Bond, CO, and some other spots.   2,400 miles of driving between May 3rd and May 12th.   They enjoyed it so much, they did not want to come home.   (Neither did I)

First photo is our family portrait in Wamsutter, Wy in front of the Big Boy.   The sun kept peaking in and out of clouds. 

Second photo was the train approaching Granger, Wyoming with the first glint of sun on the westbound journey.

Chris Vitz

Date: 05/14/19 16:02
Re: My 4014 Experience - Thank you UP
Author: victortorgrimson

That is fantastic you could do that with your sons! I remember seeing you guys out at one of the stops.

I decided this was too much to bring my 6 years old out for, but I’m looking forward to having them with me to hopefully see the Western Maryland Scenic new engine and then 611 at Strasburg later this year.

It’s great to see kids out there. My parents took me train chasing and I became part of the current generation of steam railfans, hopefully they will be part of the next generation of railfans.


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Date: 05/14/19 16:21
Re: My 4014 Experience - Thank you UP
Author: nycman

Chris, that's the way it should be.  Good for you for showing your sons what steam is all about.  I am so old I went to work with my dad when he was working for the Railway Express Agency on the New York Central.  I was exposed to steam every day.  Generations of sons later, like yours, have never seen steam operate.  Thank you for hopefully getting them interested enought to keep our fanning hobby going in the future.

Date: 05/14/19 16:43
Re: My 4014 Experience - Thank you UP
Author: UP951West

I am happy for you, Chris , that you and your sons could share this unique experience together. I like  that shot near Granger .  --Kelly

Date: 05/14/19 16:56
Re: My 4014 Experience - Thank you UP
Author: atsf121

Awesome trip, glad your boys got to go.

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Date: 05/14/19 17:44
Re: My 4014 Experience - Thank you UP
Author: bluesman

Great story and photos! I am sure many of us would jump at the chance to do just as you have with your boys! Memories for a lifetime.

Date: 05/14/19 21:22
Re: My 4014 Experience - Thank you UP
Author: asheldrake

absolutely nothing better....GREAT post.   Arlen

Date: 05/15/19 13:59
Re: My 4014 Experience - Thank you UP
Author: SWChief

Fantastic!!  Priceless to you and very enjoyable for me to see.  That's what it's all about.

Have similar pictures with my kids when some 3751 and Challenger trips went through Cajon back in the mid-late 1990's.  Now my kids are grown, married, and have young families of their own, so like I said, these moments are priceless!

Thanks for the post!!


Date: 05/16/19 15:01
Re: My 4014 Experience - Thank you UP
Author: typebangin


It was nice talking to you and your sons on Sherman Hill the 1st day and then at the Echo Canyon rest area on the last westbound day.  When they first announced the schedule I was a bit shocked that it was so drawn out, but it's allowed most of us to take side trips and also made it easier to meet and talk with other railfans from around the country and the world.

Beautiful light on the Granger photo!  In my opinion, that was the best day of the trip.


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