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Date: 06/10/19 12:54
4014 to MN?
Author: xrds72

Reading the recent post from mpe383 about 4014 coming to Duluth I was trying to find any corroboration for this in the UP Steam site, North Shore Scenic Railroad or Lake Superior Museum sites and can find nothing. 

Would like to plan a trip to see it move from Iowa through St Paul (via the Spine Line?)

Is there any OFFICIAL notification or acknowledgement from UP that they will be going north? 

Have a friend who lives along the Spine Line so it would be very convenient. Might even be able to repeat a photo I took of 3985 in 2002. This is on Br 137.22 (UP number 320.09) at Castle Rock MN

This was taken while I was working for CP and this part of the move required CP clearance of the heavy load on the wooden bridge I was responsible for as Manager Structures. The move was obviously approved but in discussing with the head of the bridge department for CP, John Unsworth, his comment was that he wasn't too happy seeing this "rolling pile driver" on his bridge. 

Thanks for any help.

Date: 06/10/19 13:11
Re: 4014 to MN?
Author: dpudave

I asked the same question on these pages on the 5th and sort of had it confirmed. Larry Dolye (SP?) sure seems a more than credible source. Still, I can hardly believe it. d

Date: 06/10/19 13:51
Re: 4014 to MN?
Author: gbmott

Go to northshorerailroad.com and see if you can access Issue #79 of their newsletter.  I don’t know how to attach it here.  But the answer to your question is yes, 4014 is committed to come to Duluth next month.  I have some direct involvement with the museum and while I have not physically seen it, I am told that all of the paperwork involving agreements, contracts, etc. with UP have been signed and I know for a fact that there is work currently underway on agreed track improvements.  I’m not sure what more I can say.  As for why the UP has not announced it, I don’t know.  However, this has been in the works for a couple months and it was only when released to do so by UP that the museum made their announcement.

Routing south of St. Paul is something I know nothing about.


Date: 06/10/19 14:14
Re: 4014 to MN?
Author: Langleyrailfan

More indirect confirmation.  This was posted on Trains Newswire, June 4.



Date: 06/10/19 17:09
Re: 4014 to MN?
Author: davebb71

my peeps tell me, it arrives in st paul on july 17th or early on the 18th, layover at SPUD on the 18th with experience UP rail car open to the public, take off for duluth morning of the 19th and do the weekend events as described.  supposedly, UP personnel were here in MSP last week measuring stuff around SPUD to see if everything would fit and no derailment on tight curves, etc.  I hope it's all true and we get to see 4014 like we did the 3985 challenger.  dave, out. 

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