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Date: 06/15/19 04:13
Denver & Rio Grande 168 Progress
Author: cozephyr

Denver Rio Grande 168 was coming along thanks to Scott working on her.  14 June 2019 at Antonito, Colorado.

168 is a Ten Wheeler type, narrow gauge steam railway locomotive. It is one of twelve similar locomotives built for the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1883. It was built as a passenger locomotive, with 46 in (1,200 mm) drivers, the largest drivers used on any three foot gauge D&RGW locomotive. The large drivers made it suitable for relatively fast passenger service.As is the case with many small, early locomotives, we know little of their operating history.  

In the case of 168, what we know comes entirely from photographs taken of it.  The first shows it in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River in 1904.  The second pair show it in Montrose, Colorado, west of Gunnison, at the head of a special train taking President William Howard Taft to the opening of the Gunnison Tunnel which, at the time, was the longest irrigation tunnel in the world.

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Date: 06/15/19 06:49
Re: Denver & Rio Grande 168 Progress
Author: BAB

I must be missing something looks like its in a building not out on the road also timeine is a little off.

Date: 06/15/19 08:38
Re: Denver & Rio Grande 168 Progress
Author: PorterNo2

Thanks for the good feelings and shout out on our project.  Believe it or not, your post is on the two year anniversary of beginning the work on 168.  We remain under budget and ahead of schedule thus far and anticipate completing 168 before the end of 2019.  Look for the official unveiling of the locomotive and the historic consist on opening day 2020.  ;-)



Efstathios I. Pappas, MS
Assistant General Manager
Special Projects Department Director
Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad


Date: 06/17/19 08:39
Re: Denver & Rio Grande 168 Progress
Author: TexasEagle77

The historic photos seem to be missing.

Austin, Texas

Date: 06/17/19 10:22
Re: Denver & Rio Grande 168 Progress
Author: Abqfoamer

Where were these pics snapped? Obviously not in the smaller Antonito engine house I have visited.

I bet 168's coming special train will draw as much attention as Rotary OY's current movements.  8^))) !

Date: 06/17/19 11:54
Denver & Rio Grande 168 Progress at Antonito
Author: cozephyr

168 restoration work continues at Antonito, CO, as mentioned in initial post.

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