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Date: 08/09/19 11:36
4014 Cajon Ride Advice
Author: RRBaron

If some of you plan to ride behind 4014 in coach from Colton to Barstow or the opposite, the best views going to Barstow will be on the right side (looking east) with 4014 in front . Conversely, if you ride the train from Barstow to Colton the best views will be on the left side (looking east.) with the 4014 in front. Woe to the rider that plunks down $700+ for a aisle seat--but its all for a good cause! 

Date: 08/09/19 12:00
Re: 4014 Cajon Ride Advice
Author: MPGILL

Thanks, I was thinking the same about which side..I will be on regardless of what seat I get just glad to contribute to their fund raiser..It is a special event !

Date: 08/09/19 13:14
Re: 4014 Cajon Ride Advice
Author: CaliforniaSteam

Seat yourself facing to the east going east to Barstow and seat yourself facing east when going west back to Colton. The east side of the car will have the best views.


Date: 08/09/19 15:58
Re: 4014 Cajon Ride Advice
Author: callum_out

Uh facing East (or West) the views are North/South except in Victorville where you do want the East side to have
good views of both cement plants. Wonder how much seni you need to be the pilot?


Date: 08/09/19 23:57
Re: 4014 Cajon Ride Advice
Author: webmaster

The best side will be the one with the most curves that you can see the locomotive. 

Todd Clark
Canyon Country, CA

Date: 08/10/19 12:40
Re: 4014 Cajon Ride Advice
Author: callum_out

Which is on the right going up the hill and on the left going down the hill toward Victorville, and back on the right for a short
period. Simple, buy two tickets making the seat change easy.


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