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Date: 10/04/19 16:12
C&TS today
Author: msns2557

Hey All, Don't usually hang out here on this side but today just had to share a few from our quick trip down Antonito Co way and the CTS Narrow Gage.  Really fell in love with steam while out and about with ns2557, We have seen UP 844 and 4014. Have always wanted to see the Narrow Gage for something just as good as the big stuff.  Here are 3 from our journey today, Oct 04,2019.  All in the Antonito Co area.

Shot 1.  C&TS 2-8-2 484, Class K-36, as it begins it's journey west out of the station and past the water tank here.  Sounded real good too......

Shot 2.  We gave chase for a bit on some good ol dirt roads. While beside the 484 I managed this shot out the passenger side window of our steed.

Shot 3.  Last shot before we turned around and headed back to Antonito then Alamosa and eventually home to Canon City Co.

Despite off and on rain sowers which were really hit and miss types we had a great day. And I got my steam fix before we go and chase 4014 on it's return trip to Denver as it comes west out of Kansas up along the KP come this November.  Can't wait.  

Thanks all for looking.   Kristie

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Date: 10/04/19 19:35
Re: C&TS today
Author: UP951West

Fine images . Thanks for sharing them . 

Date: 10/04/19 22:18
Re: C&TS today
Author: Stevo_Weimario

You really nailed that pacing shot, very nice!!!


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Date: 10/06/19 06:18
Re: C&TS today
Author: Bob3985

Nice photos Christie. Glad you got to enjoy the same railroading that many of us take in annually.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

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