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Steam & Excursion > N&W Steam Reunion - Sept 28th & 29th, 2019

Date: 10/09/19 15:44
N&W Steam Reunion - Sept 28th & 29th, 2019
Author: PennRailVideos

Over my birthday weekend, I took a trip out to the Road to Paradise to see something I would never even dreamed of happening. Norfolk & Western J Class 4-8-4 #611 was playing the part of another Strasburg engine, making the round trips just like her N&W sister, SRC resident M Class 4-8-0 #475. For the event, 475 was "updated" to resemble what the M Class engines looked like when they were in Service, perhaps alongside J Class locomotives like the 611. Perhaps at one point in their N&W careers they crossed paths once before. It was great seeing many friends.

I first went to Cherry Hill on Saturday afternoon for the meet. 
In a scene normally filled by 89, 90, or even 7312, here comes the N&W 611 lumbering past the Cherry Crest Farm.

Later on in the day, N&W 475 races upgrade past Esbenshade. This shot was one of my favorites from over the weekend.

N&W 611 marches the train up the grade at Cherry Hill, probably effortlessly, on its last run of Saturday.

Date: 10/09/19 15:51
Re: N&W Steam Reunion - Sept 28th & 29th, 2019
Author: PennRailVideos

On Sunday, it appeared to be sunny, however there were some pesky clouds in the sky who wanted to be apart of my birthday. However they weren't exactly helping as they hid the sun at the times I would've like to have sunlight. Oh well. 

N&W 475 at Long Curve a little while later.

611 sounding off for the stop at Groffs Grove. Elevation is key. 

Date: 10/09/19 15:52
Re: N&W Steam Reunion - Sept 28th & 29th, 2019
Author: PennRailVideos

Again, a scene in which I've seen hundreds of time with 89, 90, the N&W 611 marches out of Groffs Grove headed west.

It's interesting to see the drastic evolution of steam with the N&W, going from the "grand-pappy" style of the M Class to the ultra-modern J Class, arguably one of the most efficient steam locomotives ever designed. 

And after a busy day, #475 is put to bed for the night.

Date: 10/10/19 09:27
Re: N&W Steam Reunion - Sept 28th & 29th, 2019
Author: MaryMcPherson

Those were the last two days of our visit... the icing on the cake!

Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

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