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Steam & Excursion > R & N: "Awesome Railroad" & "Maxi-Railfan Event" in 2020

Date: 11/27/19 16:14
R & N: "Awesome Railroad" & "Maxi-Railfan Event" in 2020
Author: RuleG

Today a very nice message from Andy Muller to his employees was posted on the Reading & Northern website:

To all the MOW employees, I want to say Awesome Railroad. To all the rest of the employees, I just want to say that I just rode the Main line at track speed, and I’m very impressed. You have all outdone yourselves to build a Main line that matches any class 1 railroad.

Additionally, he has announced a "Maxi-Railfan Event," an excursion from Reading Outer Station to Pittston, PA via the new Nesquehoning Bridge which will be run April 18, 2020.

Here's a link to the full appreciation & announcement:


As a rail enthusiast who enjoyed a Reading & Northern excursion at the beginning of this month, I'd also have to say "Awesome Railroad!"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Date: 11/28/19 10:47
Re: R & N: "Awesome Railroad" & "Maxi-Railfan Event" in 2020
Author: Tominde

Gee, I wonder if some new F units will pull the excursion?  Real nice of Andy to publicly thank MOW people.  Not enough people like that in the business world today. 

Date: 11/28/19 11:44
Re: R & N: "Awesome Railroad" & "Maxi-Railfan Event" in 2020
Author: SD45X

Wonder if they can get the other two Fs running and painted in time to make a four unit set as EMD intended?:)

Date: 11/28/19 15:44
Re: R & N: "Awesome Railroad" & "Maxi-Railfan Event" in 2020


Chris Bost
Hamburg, PA

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