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Date: 11/28/19 05:22
Thanks, UP!
Author: NKP779

Thank you, Union Pacific CEO Lantz Fritz! Thanks for giving hundreds of thousands of people a 3D demonstration of what the Golden Age of Railroading looked and sounded like.

There are many of us who already appreciate the Golden Age, but demographics are working against us. The 2019 return of the Big Boy changes all of that and is bringing a big breath of fresh air into railroad preservation and the awareness of railroads in general.

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Date: 11/28/19 07:24
Re: Thanks, UP!
Author: OKTrainboys

Agreed!!! We just witnessed over 5 years of amazing! 5 years!!

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Date: 11/28/19 10:36
Re: Thanks, UP!
Author: P


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Date: 11/28/19 16:26
Re: Thanks, UP!
Author: ATSFSuperChief

Yes, a great display of the Big Boy. Since 1973 have totally enjoyed 844(4), 3985, the Heritage Diesels and the fantastic passenger cars of the Union Pacific. Also have Bob Krieger as a good friend, dinners and brews with Bob, Steve, and Jack several times. additionally have had steam shop and roundhouse visit with Steve Lee and Lyle Nystrom, plus other visits there many times. This were thrilling events as my career was spent as a maritime steam engineer and seeing railroad steam engines still running is a real excitement in my long life.

Don Allender

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