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Date: 11/28/19 07:31
Whats old is new again
Author: dan

Date: 11/28/19 10:02
Re: Whats old is new again
Author: Spikes

In the video above, the 4014 whistle knocks the snow off a rail car nearby!!! see pic here.

Date: 11/28/19 16:43
Re: Whats old is new again
Author: ATSFSuperChief

Actually my count of runs is they made a mainline run for testing which was suspended in Nunn and brought back to Cheyenne maybe due to riding crew running out of time. Second run to my thinking was the trip to Ogden and 150th celebration, maybe return to Cheyenne included. The third run then would have been the Great Southwest Tour. Fantastic turnout of people to see the Ogden and Great Southwest Tours. Real PR credit for UP to the citizens excitement.

Don Allender

Date: 11/29/19 06:05
Re: Whats old is new again
Author: Bob3985

From the photos and videos I saw of their Midwest tour they had great crowds there as well. 
Huge congratulations to the UP Media Relations departmant with all the prearrival niotifications all across the system.
Now the crew gets a deserved rest and begin winter maintenance on the 4014 and 844.
Who knows. Maybe they will get a call for the UP 900082 as well with the way this winter is starting out.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

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