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Date: 11/28/19 16:08
UP 4014 North of Dover Siding CO
Author: ATSFSuperChief

On Tuesday had to fet the snowblower going to clear the driveway, edge of street and patio of some drifts up to two feet deep. Then fired up 2018 Tundra with new snow tires and headed north with Lance Garrels (santa fe 199) to a couple miles north of Nunn near Dover Siding. Got there early enough to get the prime spot for light. Had a southbound freight come through. X4014 running late most likely due to snow and other factors but no problem as Tundra heater worked great and was watching progress online via UP Steam Tracking (thank you Union Pacific). We spend time telling railroad and sea stories with some photo discussions. Meanwhile snow had stopped and cloud cover getting thinner. It was still pretty chilly with some breeze from NNE. More people showed up but were very respectful of photo courtesy. One person went down other side of track and then hunkered down to practically invisible. Took a Go-Pro video while blazing away on Nikon as can be seen on right side of Go-Pro fish eye. A very fun afternoon. Hope you enjoy the video.

Don Allender

PS: Took four attempts to get Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 and TO to get this downloaded.

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Date: 11/28/19 17:04
Re: UP 4014 North of Dover Siding CO
Author: santafe199

That was a blast (and not just cold air, either)! That video is cool, a sort Norman Rockwell-ish triple shot thing. At the same time you shot video of the train, stills of the train & video of you shooting the 'away' stills. Even if it wasn't exactly planned that way... ;^)


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